Missionary Prayer

Posted Jul 22, 2013 by Nancy Barrow

July 22, 2013 

From Pioneer Bible Translators:  Thank God for the national translators in each of the languages where we serve. Pray that each one will persevere through the long, tedious translation process and do a quality job so that their translation speaks accurately, naturally and clearly to the speakers of each language. 

July 8, 2013

Throughout the summer Child Evangelism Fellowship will hold numerous 5 day clubs and fairs for kids.  Please pray for God's blessings upon this summer ministry around the state.  Also pray for many new volunteers & staff of God's choosing & HIS timing including Ministry Coordinators needed around the state to supervise (train, equip  & help with recruitment / club longevity) weekly school and community GNCs.


June 24, 2013

Please keep our mission partners in India in your prayers as they batttle flooding in Northern India.  Thankfully all ministers and agents of NICM and CICM have been accounted for but thousands are missing and homes and villages destroyed.  Pray for relief efforts that are being given through our partners, that the love of Christ may be evident in all that they do as they provide relief.  

June 10, 2013

Thirty folks from Sherwood Oaks will be participating in Mexico Family Camp in the next week.  Please for safe travels and worksite & campsite safety along with the family for which they will be building a new home.  

March 8, 2013

Please keep in your prayers several  groups of Sherwood Oaks folks as they travel and serve during the spring break week:

A group of 43 representing the High School will be in the Dominican Repulic,  23 will be serving at Agua Viva Children's Home and 70+ from our International Ministry will be learning and being refreshed at a conference in Tennessee.

February 15, 2013

Please keep our partners at Child Evangelism Fellowship in your prayers as they actively seek four new local coordinators around the state of Indiana and also as they recruit more ministry coordinators to mentor, teach and love on kids in after school programs. 

January 25, 2013

A group from our men's ministry will spend the next week in Honduras doing some construction work on the new church building as well as the eye clinic.  Please keep these guys in your prayers as they travel, work hard and minister to those around them.  

January 11, 2013

Please be in prayer for our brothers and sisters all across north India as the endure record breaking cold temperatures. Many of the people have no shelter and those who do have no central heating of any kind. Pray for the health of the pastors and protection as they struggle to help those they can and please pray for resources to provided blankets and food.   Pray that Christ's name will be lifted up and many will come to know him through this difficult time.


September 11

Please cover in prayer Dave & Marsha Van Wagenen as they continue their sacrifical service to the poorest of the poor in the slums of Ethiopia.  Pray that  resources will be available to meet the basic needs of the people they serve and that through meeting these basic human needs, the love of Christ will be evident.  Pray that hearts will be receptive to the message of hope that they bring.

September 4

Keep Brad Pontius & Jim Lauck in your prayers as they conduct site visits to missions in Africa that meet basic needs for those affected by HIV/Aids. Pray for travel mercies and spirit led interactions with those that need to experience the compassion and love of our savior.  

August 27

As schools of all levels are getting into full swing, campus ministries are also starting up and making connections.  Please pray for those ministries that work with kids of all ages at schools and on campuses.  Pray that relationships will be forged and that the love of Christ will be shared and displayed through these caring mentor/leaders.    Those ministries include: Athletes in Action, Bridges, Cru, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Christian Student Foundation, FCA, International Friendship Ministry and Youth For Christ amoung others.

August 20

Today is the first day back for IU & Ivy Tech students, please keep them all in your prayers.  Also pray for the ministries on campus that they will have many opportunities to interact with students - to strengthen and encourage believers and to make contacts with and have an impact on unbelievers.

August 13

Local school districts head back to school this week. Please keep teachers, administrators, students, bus drivers and all the staff that make 'school' happen in your prayers.  Pray that this year lives will be touched and positive influences will win out and good will prevail.  Also pray for the safety and well-being of all stakeholders. 

August 6

Please pray for Stephen Ofori and the leaders of Christian Leadership Training Institue as they continue to encourage and strengthen Christian Leaders in Northwestern Africa.  Pray especially for the Christians in northern Nigeria as they deal with economic hardships and continual attacks on the churches by extremists.  Also pray that remote villages that have not heard the gospel will be reached.    

July 30

Pray for Paul & Abigail Steiner as they minister to their community and build relationships with the unchurched in Miami, FL.  Pray for the new church plant that they have started that God will provide a sturdy foundation and that the love of Jesus will spread throughout the city. 

July 23

Keep Erick & Sira in your prayers as they minister to varied people groups, cultures and religious backgrounds.  Pray that the people they minister to will see the love of the true Lord Jesus and that their hearts will be stirred to believe. 

July 16 

Pray for Carol & Andrias as they settle into a new area and begin a new ministry outreach in Jakarta, Indonesia.  

July 9

Your prayers are requested for a medical group traveling to minister in Ghana which includes folks from our SOCC family.  Pray for safe travels, good health and effective ministry as they meet the basic physical needs of those that they serve.

July 2 

Please keep Bryantsville Hunger Project in your prayers as they deal with drought conditions that could affect the corn production this summer.  This corn is shipped to hungry people around the world.

June 25

Hilltop Christian Camp is in full swing hosting campers for a week at a time all summer. In the upcoming weeks many Sherwood Oaks children and adult leaders will be attending camp, please pray that God will work in their hearts and lives as they experience Him in a beautiful and unplugged environment.  Also, please continually keep in your prayers Eric & Tammy Carlson, camp managers, as well as the other staff that keep the camp running smoothly year round.

June 19

Please keep the Family Camp team in your prayers this week as they serve and minister along with Apache Youth Ministries in Whiteriver, AZ.  They are performing work projects in the mornings and holding a VBS in the afternoons.  Pray for the love of God to be evident in all they do and say.  

June 12

Please keep the workers with Master Provisions in your prayers as they organize and administer container shipments of clothing and supplies to needy locations around the world.  The clothing that you donated this spring was being shipped out on this date, June 12 to Kosovo.  Pray for the folks who will be benefiting from your donations, that God's love would cover them along with the clothing.

June 5

This month we are collecting non-perishable food items for Backstreet Missions.  Will you also pray for the mission and outreach in the local community.  Pray that the love of God would be evident through the meeting of basic needs of food, clothing and shelter.

May 29

Join us in a prayer of thanksgiving for Rondal and Janice Smith, workers with Pioneer Bible Translators, as they celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary this week.  If you wish, a card of congratulations may be sent to the Smith's in care of Valley View Christian Church 17601 Marsh Lane, Dallas, TX 75287.  Continue to pray for them and their work with PBT.  

May 22

Please keep local students, teachers and administrators in your prayers as they finish out the school year.  Pray that the contacts and relationships that were built through Youth For Christ workers will be sustained through the summer break.  

May 15

Keep Abraham Thang and his family in your prayers as they serve and minister to the Burmese population in Fort Wayne, IN.  Pray that hearts would be softened to the word of God, that the love of Jesus would be spread to many and that the ministry would be effective and flourish.

May 7

Please keep the Honduras mission trip team in your prayers this week as they minister to and serve people in Honduras.  Pray for safety, effective ministry and changed lives as they live out i2U in tangible ways. 

April 24

Rapha House is a ministry that fights child trafficking and sexual explotation by providing hope through after school programs and safehouses throughout Asia.  Will you pray for their ongoing ministry and for the hearts and lives of those that they help rescue and protect.  Pray that safety, hope and healing will abound through the unconditional love of Jesus shown through the workers.  

April 3

Please pray for our mission partners and all Christians leaders around the world that they might be a light in the darkness as they celebrate the death, burial and resurrection in their own cultures.  

March 29

TCM International is kicking off their 2012 academic yeart this week and ask that we support the staff and students with our prayers.  Classes will run simulaneously at different locations including Haus Edelweiss, Austria, as well as Romania, Belarus, Moldova and Russia.  Nine week classes are packed into two intensive weeks as TCM prepares and equips European and Asian church leaders to go out and serve in the name of Jesus. Please keep the ministry and students in your prayers.  

March 21

Please keep Steve Connor of Sports Outreach International in your prayers as he travels to the DC area and will be the keynote speaker at Rejoice Conference this weekend.  The conference is aimed at developing Chrisitian leaders in the African American community.  Pray that solid contacts will be made and leaders will be emerge to further kingdom work.  

March 8

SOCC will be sending two teams on mission trips during the spring break week. A team of 24 will be serving in the Dominican Republic with Go Ministries and a team of 12 will be traveling to Agua Viva Children's Home in Guatemala.  Please keep all these folks in your prayers for safety as they travel, strength as they serve and effective ministry to all those they will come in contact with as they live our Yes2Love mission!

February 29

Please keep Brad & Joni Noel with Athletes In Action in your prayers as they minister to athletes on the campus of Indiana University.  Pray for open doors and soft hearts as they share the love of Jesus to these college students.  

February 19

Please keep Joana Jones and Asian Children's Mission in your prayers as they have recently purchased a plot of land for further ministry developement.  May God direct their paths and decission making as they build strong relationships in the communities while providing basic needs. 

February 12

Please keep Brad & Joni Noel in your prayers as they continue to build relationship with athletes on the campus of Indiana University and that those bonds would be the bridges needed to share the gospel.  

February 5

Please pray for  Kevin & Lydia Kimble with Artizon Minisries as they work in the college and community in Taiwan.  

January 22

Please keep our Men's ministry team serving in Honduras in your prayers this week. They are building a church on the campus of His Eyes Clinic, distributing food and visiting churches in surrounding communities.   


January 15

Please continue to pray for the North India Christian Mission leadership as well as the families and communities that they serve. Recently the local government took "domain" over the property where their church building was located in order to build a roadway. Pray for courage and strength in the face of this ruling as well as the resources to flow that will allow rebuilding of the church in another location.

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