What is Yes2Love?

Yes2Love is the rallying cry of Sherwood Oaks Christian Church!

In a world where we hear "no" an awful lot, we want to be different. We want to be known as a place that is different, that is challenging and where people matter more than stuff.  We want to be a place that says Yes2Love by loving other people with the same love God showed us, and by growing deeper in our own understanding of who He is.  Simply put, we want to be a people that say YES!

Yes2Love is:

  • A commitment to live out the Great Commission in our community and in our world
  • A promise to grow deeper in our relationship with others and with God
  • A rallying cry for the Sherwood Oaks community
  • A conversation starter
  • A way to make an intentional impact in the community through our words and actions
  • A reminder to say Yes to loving people in their darkest moments
  • A mindset that is continually focused on helping people find their place in the church community and the world.

Yes2Love is not:

  • Just another catchphrase
  • ALL about you
  • Isolating or confusing
  • Automatically saying Yes to anything and everything
  • Something to make Sherwood Oaks "look" better
  • An energy drink, although it may energize you
  • A novel idea developed by marketers, but instead a lifestyle modeled by Jesus.