Basic Christianity & Baptism

Basic Christianity

Summing up Christianity in just a few words is a big job.  There may feel like there is a lot you need to know before you make the decision to follow Jesus.  And, there is – in time.  The good news, though, is that you don’t have to have all the answers before you take those first steps. 

At the core, Christianity is about following Jesus – not blindly, but with authentic, real faith.  To follow Jesus means to trust Him, believe Him and lean on Him to lead you through your life.  Christianity is about saying no to the world and yes to God.  It is a powerful, life-changing experience that leaves you different.  And it all begins with you saying Yes2Love and yes to a personal relationship with Jesus.


Like the ancient church, Sherwood Oaks views and practices the act of baptism by immersion as the first step in your walk of faith.  It is significant in that it happens once in our spiritual journey. Baptism is not an ending point, but a new beginning. Baptism is:

  • A response to the grace of God.
  • Our identification with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.
  • Surrender.
  • A response to our faith in Jesus.
  • An act of obedience.

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