International Spy Academy

Grab your secret decoder ring and put on your rear-view mirror glasses because this summer your kids will be special agents for the one true God! At the International Spy Academy, they’ll uncover the clues that lead to the one true God who is the Creator of all and who calls people from every tribe and nation to have fellowship with Him through His Son Jesus Christ.

Event Details

Days: June 9-13
Time: 9:00am-12:00pm (Please enter through doors 1, 5, or 20 for pick-up and drop-off)
T-shirts: Beginning on May 18, VBX t-shirts will be for sale ($7 each) in the foyer on Sundays, in the bookstore on weekdays, and in the foyer during the week of VBX.


Click here to register your kids and to sign up as a volunteer. (*Children 3 and under can attend if their parent is volunteering.*)

Pictures and Videos

Day One - Uncovering Counterfeits

Day Two - Finding Fingerprints

Day Three - Cracking Codes

Day Four - Collecting Clues

Day Five - Hot on the Trail

VBX 2014 Videos

Volunteer Lounge Food Donations

We're always in need of more fruit, casseroles, snacks, and other goodies! If you would like to leave some food for the hard-working volunteers, please click here to sign up.

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