SonTreasure Island

Grab your shovels and pull out your compasses because at VBX this summer your kids will be treasure hunters! At SonTreasure Island, there is a treasure that's more precious than gold and more lasting than diamonds. It's the greatest treasure of all--God's love!

Event Details

Days: June 8-12
Time: 9:00am-12:00pm (Please enter through doors 1, 5, or 20 for pick-up and drop-off)
T-shirts: VBX t-shirts are sold in the foyer on Sundays and in the bookstore on weekdays. Kid shirts cost $8 and volunteer shirts cost $4.

Liability Release Information

Sherwood Oaks Christian Church and all other persons associated with Sherwood Oaks are released and forever discharged from any and all actions, causes of action, claims and demands, known or unknown, which those adults or children participating in activities sponsored by Sherwood Oaks may now have or may have in the future on account of or arising out of participating in activities sponsored by Sherwood Oaks. There is no worker's compensation or accident insurance furnished by Sherwood Oaks.

By submitting the registration form, you give permission for your children to participate in activities sponsored by Sherwood Oaks. You authorized an adult, in whose care the minor has been entrusted, to consent to any X-Ray examination or medical or dental treatment to be rendered to the minor on the advice of any physician or dentist licensed under the provisions of the Medical Practice Act, whether such diagnosis or treatment is rendered at the office of said physician or at said hospital. You agree to pay all costs and expenses incurred in connection with such medical and dental services rendered to your child pursuant to this authorization.


Registration is open! Please click here to register kids and volunteers. (*Children 3 and under can attend VBX only if their parent/guardian is volunteering.*)

Pictures and Videos

Day 1 - The Treasure of Giving

Day 2 - The Treasure of Kindness

Day 3 - The Treasure of Caring

Day 4 - The Treasure of Forgiveness

Day 5 - The Eternal Treasure

Volunteer Lounge Food Donations

We're always in need of more fruit, casseroles, snacks, and other goodies! If you would like to leave some food for the hard-working volunteers, please click here to sign up.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at .