Bertha's Mission

    We are all servants for God, we take great pride in what we do and do not think of ourselves as better as or less than the next person, we are all volunteers trying to reach out to others and bring them into what we call the family of Bertha's Mission. We do not ask about your income, status, title, reputations or physical stability, political or religious affiliation, it doesn't matter. We feel that everybody is uniquely and gifted for one thing or in one way or another, we are like pieces to a puzzle and do our best to fit together to accomplish a common goal of addressing the hunger needs of our brothers and sisters.

    We are not here to give handouts, but a hand-up because we believe that unfortunate, unforeseen, catastrophic events can change a person's life from one moment to the next.

    To gradually decrease the statistical data on hunger within the community through empowerment, addressing the basic life skills of everyday living, and feeding the hungry, elderly, low income, disabled or lonely citizens of Lawrence County and surrounding counties for free or at a reduced price based on their income.

    Acts 245 Funds were used for food and supplies.

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