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What is the Acts 2:45 Relief Fund?

Our objective is to pool together the financial resources of members at Sherwood Oaks Christian Church to meet the needs of those affected by the coronavirus global pandemic by giving through our community partners, local benevolence, and global missionaries.

How do we decide who gets Acts 245 support? Here are our criteria:

Local Outreach

  • Support Community Partners responding to the needs of those affected by COVID-19.
  • Serve health care workers and 1st responders.
  • Serve essential service workers that are often overlooked.

Local Benevolence

  • Come alongside families in Lawrence and Monroe Counties to help them make ends meet with a focus on assisting with shelter needs (mortgage, rent and utilities).
  • Provide a hand up to those whose jobs and income have been affected by COVID-19 cutbacks.

Global Partners

  • Focus on mission agencies who use a holistic approach in their ministry by caring for people’s emotional and physical needs as a way to address their spiritual needs.
  • Prioritize our global mission partners who receive fewer funds than others might.
  • Give priority to those areas of dense population and minimal services.

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