Adopt a Teacher - Team 1:16

For the 2022-2023 school year, Team 1:16 has chosen to adopt one of the new teachers to our community.  We will be providing encouragement and blessing to them throughout the year through various ways, to include writing encouragement cards and providing some gifts from a list of small things that helps uplift this teacher's mood.

Below is a snapshot of the information we requested from this teacher.  Please provide any items you wish to gift, or money towards purchasing a gift, to Brandon and we will make sure to get it to them.  We'd like to spread these gifts throughout the year, but you are welcome to provide something at any time and we will make sure to spread out the joy!

Thank you for helping make the school year for at least 1 of our new teachers a joy and a blessing!  If you have any questions or gift/blessing ideas not included on their survey, feel free to email Brandon at .


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