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Our team has created safe and encouraging venues where high school students in grades 9-12 will feel comfortable coming into contact with Jesus Christ.

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Student Ministry Weekly E+Letter
Aug 24, 2017

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New Phone Lock Screens!
Aug 17, 2017

We have four new lock screens for you that reflect what we're talking about in Catalyst High School Ministry and the middle Jr. High Ministry! 

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Catalyst High School Ministry Summer Events
May 05, 2017

Summer is quickly approaching and Catalyst has a full lineup of trips and events for you to be a part of! Read below for more information!

The 6 The 6 will meet on the following Sunday evenings this summer: June 4, July 9, and July 23. On June 4 we'll meet at The Pourhouse Cafe located on Kirkwood Avenue from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Meet in the Fellowship Hall from 6:00pm-8:00pm on the other two dates. The 6 incorporates food, games, worship, teaching and more into two hours dedicated to high school students and this season of their lives. 

Exchange Discussion based biblical truths are shared with peers and youth coaches in a casual atmosphere. Exchange meets at 11:00am in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday mornings.

Promotion Sunday Students will promote to the next grade level on Sunday, June 4.

Graduation Recognition Weekend Students graduating from high school will be recognized at all services on Saturday, June 3 at the Bedford location and Sunday, June 4 at Bloomington East and West. Graduates and parents can register here to be a part of this special event.

Volunteer at VBX Elementary aged kids come to VBX at Sherwood Oaks each morning on June 5-9 and they love hanging out with high school students! Go to to sign up! This is a great way for our high schoolers to serve others!

BigStuf Summer Conference Florida, here we come! BigStuf Ministry holds an amazing summer conference in Panama City Beach just for high school students! Dates are June 22-26 and cost, now through May 28, is $375. Click here for more information and to register online. 

Kings Island We'll head to Kings Island on Monday, July 17. Meet at Sherwood Oaks at 6:00am that morning. We'll return the next day around noon. Cost is $99 and parents can register online here.

High School Lock-in Join us all night long for our summer lockin! Meet at the church at 9:00pm on Friday, July 28. We'll wrap things up at 7:30am Saturday morning.

Tuesday Lunches We get together each Tuesday for lunch during the summer. Join us on the following Tuesdays from noon to 1:00pm:

  • June 6 at Chick-fil-a (East 3rd)
  • June 13 at Five Guys
  • June 20 at McAlister’s
  • July 4 at Chipotle (College Mall)
  • July 11 at Noodles and Company (E. 3rd)
  • July 25 at Taco Bell (South Walnut)
  • August 1 at the College Mall Food Court

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SOCC Student Ministry eNews
Mar 29, 2017

SOCC Student Ministry eNews

the middle - for students in 6-8 grades

Catalyst - for students in 9-12 grades

  • Exchange will meet this Sunday in the Fellowship Hall. Join us at 11:00am! 
  • The Six meets this Sunday night! See you in the Fellowship Hall at 6:00pm.
  • Making summer plans? We'll head to BigStuf Summer Camp in Florida on June 22-26. Cost is $375. Register online at


Five ways to make a difference at school

How to be a light for Jesus in the classroom. -KELLY CARLSON 

No matter whether your school year is just beginning - or you're right in the middle of it - it's always a great time to use your life, words and actions to show the love of Jesus to those around you. Here are five ways you can make your school years count:

1. Learn people’s names

Our names are the word we long to hear most. It indicates intimacy, friendship, and being known. Learn people’s names and use them as often as possible. Seek out hidden people like maintenance workers. Welcome outcasts, new students, and quiet peers with personal greetings. Use their name in the hallways no less than you would your closest friends.

2. Thank your teachers and pray for them

Occasionally ask your teachers how their lives are going, and keep track of when they share aspects of their struggles with you. Keep a list of their requests and choose a moment to pray for them.  Follow up in the future to ask about the topic or situation happening in their life. Let’s not forget teachers are real people. They go through struggles, sickness and hurt just like we do, and prayer is powerful!

3. Defend against cruelty with encouragement

Fighting cruelty with cruelty is never a good idea. God just won’t have it. Seek out those who are bullied and intentionally build them up. Tell them who they are becoming and speak truth so loudly, insecurities are drowned in Christ’s love. Pray for bullies and invite the hurting to join you at lunch or in social activities.

4. Invest fully in what matters

How do basketball or art club matter? Alone, they don’t. But your participation, treatment of teammates or use of your gifts - these matter a lot! Jim Elliot, a famous missionary murdered by those he went to reach, writes “Wherever you are, be all there.” Don’t spread yourself so thin you cannot be fully present.

5. Be concerned for people, not popularity

Athletic team try-outs, grades, and goals can leave us clothed with competition instead of compassion. Dances, dates, and smiles in the hall can leave us wooed by wordly acclaims rather than making our Saviour known in this world. Be a light in your school. Enjoy the dances, work hard, and reach goals. Just make sure you’re looking vertically and not horizontal.

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SOCC Student Ministry eNews
Mar 08, 2017

SOCC Student Ministry eNews

the middle - for students in 6-8 grades

  • Fuse will still meet in the Fellowship Hall at 9:30am this Sunday! Join us as Tyler and Josh lead a video discussion on the book of Acts.
  • Mark your calendar! We'll head to Anderson, IN for CIY Believe on Friday, April 7-Saturday, April 8. Click this link to register:
  • Mark your calendars! After Hours will meet on Friday, March 24 from 7:30pm-9:30pm. We'll meet at The Warehouse located at 1525 S. Rogers Street.

Catalyst - for students in 9-12 grades

  • Exchange will meet this Sunday in the Fellowship Hall. If you're in town join us at 11:00am! 
  • The Six will not meet this Sunday night. 
  • Making summer plans? We'll head to BigStuf Summer Camp in Florida on June 22-26. Cost is $375. Register online at


Burst your Christian bubble!

Do you have any close non-Christian friends? If not, read this... - ELISABETH CARTER  

I want you to take a moment to think about your friends. Think about who your best friends are. Why are you best friends? Is it because they are also Christians?

A lot of the time, Christians have Christian best friends. This makes a lot of sense! Of course you’re going to be close to people who share your faith and your view of life. Of course you’ll want to spend time with people who build you up in Christ and don’t tempt you to sin. Conversations are easy, you see each other all the time at church, and you have the same ideas about what a great Friday night looks like (youth group!)

But here’s the problem: many Christians, without even realizing it, are living in a Christian bubble. Their families are Christians. All their friends are Christians. They hardly ever see or talk to non-Christians, and when they do it’s only cursory interactions and niceties, nothing deep.

Jesus calls us to share the gospel with everyone in the world, but how are we supposed to do that when we only know people who already have the gospel? If you think you’re in a Christian bubble, here are some ways to break out.

Do it now!

As you get older, it will only get harder to make new friends. After you finish school you’ll go to uni or college, or into a job, and you won’t have the same social structures around you to help you make friends. Many adult Christians reach 30 and realise that their social life is completely linked to their church life and they have no friends outside of their church brothers and sisters. Be intentional now about widening your social networks, and set yourself up for a future of diverse friendships full of gospel opportunities.

Look at where you spend your time

Every ministry or church commitment you say yes too is great, but it’s also you saying no to free time to spend with people who need the gospel. Definitely commit some of your time to Christian ministries, but make sure you have space in your life for hanging out with non-Christians and building friendships.

Find connections based on something other than Jesus

I find it easiest to make friends with Christians because there’s a built in connection – we both love Jesus! But there are plenty of connections we have with people who don’t (yet!) love Jesus. Go looking for these connections! Maybe you love the same music, or you read the same books or both hate mushrooms. When you start looking for friends based on these connections, you’ll find yourself growing relationships with non-Christians as well as Christians.

Go where the non-Christians are

If you only spend your time at youth group, church or with your Christian friends at school, how are you going to meet non-Christians? You need to go where they are. Obviously some places and events are not great things for Christians, but it may be as simple as joining a sports team, sitting at a different place in the classroom or going to local events. When I moved into my current suburb, I joined a local gym, mostly to get fit but also because I knew I might be able to meet some non-Christians in the area. It’s a slow process (mostly because of my own fear!) but I’m starting to build connections with the women in my Saturday morning Zumba class.

A warning…

If you’re in a Christian bubble, then definitely try these steps to break out of it. But don’t do it simply to convert people! Your new friends will not feel valued or loved if they find out you just became friends with them to turn them to Christ. Relationships should be built on mutual admiration, shared connections or experiences and kindness first and foremost. Showing love to your friends is extremely important, and though they need the gospel you should share it with them out of love in sensitive and appropriate ways.

Are you in a Christian bubble? How are you going to break out of it?


Every parent wants to be a great parent, but not every parent knows how. Use these short, practical ideas to refresh your relationship with your teenager. Each course is broken down into two parts. You can do both parts at one time, or split them up through the month.

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