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The Book:

Copies of the Core 52 book are available at each location for $10. Need to pay with a credit card? 

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Prefer a digital copy? You can grab it on Amazon! Don't forget to use and set Sherwood Oaks as your non-profit recipient!

What is Core 52?

Many followers of Jesus, and those who are spiritually curious, say they want to know the Bible better. But the Bible is big and many of us don’t know where to start, which creates a gap between our interest in the Bible and our engagement with it. That’s where Core 52 comes in. The Core 52 book helps bridge this gap by identifying the fifty-two most influential verses in the Bible, providing a brief essay for each verse, and tracing its theme through the entire Bible.

Participants will engage with Core 52 in three ways:

Personally – Each week, you will read an essay on the verse in the Core 52 book, memorize the verse, reflect on other stories and verses in the Bible that capture the heart of the core verse, and live out the core verse through a practical action step.

Life Groups – Group discussion and reflection will help the core verse for the week take further root in your life. Videos by author and teacher, Mark Moore, are also available to supplement your personal and group study.

 Worship Gatherings – Each Sunday, we will preach through the core verse or supported passage in order to have a better understanding of how it applies to our lives today.

 Research shows that nothing has greater impact on spiritual growth than personal reflection on Scripture. Through Core 52, we want to empower every person at Sherwood Oaks to not only know the core verses in the Bible, but to grow in a deeper relationship with the One who gave them to us.

Day 5 Action Step:

Approximately 6,000 Afghan refugees have taken refuge at nearby Camp Atterbury. Many of those located there, as they are being resettled, have specific needs. Sherwood Oaks East, West and Bedford have an opportunity to meet their needs. Throughout the month of September, we are collecting donations. We are collecting specifically: 

  • Personal hygiene Items
  • Clothing of all size
  • Small Toys for children 
  • Sports Equipment/Specifically soccer balls

Bring your donations to Sherwood Oaks East and place in the bins at doors 2, 4 and 5. Donations brought to Sherwood Oaks West and Bedford will be collected in the worship center. If you have any questions, place contact Brad Pontius at  

If you've missed any of the weeks of Core 52, click the link below to catch up on the series in our YouTube playlist: 

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