We love our college students!

Being in Bloomington, we naturally love our college students and young adults and think they are a great addition to the Sherwood Oaks family.

Whether you are a freshman away from home for the first time, an international student, a recent graduate ready to start a career, or a young adult already in the workforce, Bloomington is a great place to live, study and work. To learn more about our opportunities, subscribe to our email list or contact Ben Geiger.

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Ireland 2023


From May 13th – May 20th, 2023, we’re taking a group of 14 college/young adults on a Mission Trip to Ireland.  

We’ll be working closely with RIOT ministries, partnering with them in serving their community through several of the opportunities they provide (youth shelter, food pantry, community garden, etc.). On top of that, we’ll engage in several events/trainings geared towards helping equip young adults on how to best share the gospel of Christ in a “post-truth” culture (Ireland aligns very similarly with America in this regard).  

Email Ben Geiger with questions.

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To donate towards this trip, visit this link.