6:15pm: God of Creation

Every Wednesday, from 01/12/2022 to 03/23/2022, 6:15 PM - 7:30 PM

Location: 2700 E Rogers Rd, 2700 E Rogers Rd, Bloomington, IN US 47401

Group: Women

It all begins with the Word. The opening chapters of Genesis teach us fundamental truths about God. We watch Him bring light after darkness, order after chaos, and rest after toil- all through the power of His Word. This study will dive into Genesis 1-11 by revisiting familiar stories and historical figures.  As God reveals Himself through Scripture, we can begin to understand ourselves when look at the character, attributes, and promises of our Creator. 

 Class begins on Wednesday, January 12th at 6:15pm in the Fellowship Hall at our East Campus.  Questions? Email .

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