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Life Groups are a small group of folks (typcially 8 to 14 people) sharing life, caring for, growing, serving and studying God's word together. Interested in learning more? Send us your contact information and little about you through this form.  Also, plan to attend a winter connecting event at your campus:  

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Connect in a Life Group

The start of a new year is a great time to seek out a new group.  Each campus has connecting opportunities where you can find a good fit. 

Bedford - Contact Shawn 
Bloomington West - coming March 2019, Contact Bill P for info.
Bloomington East - Contact Nancy for info.

Have questions? Email Nancy today.

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Life Group Core Values
Feb 22, 2019

Life Groups at Sherwood Oaks exist to help members:

Grow Spiritually:
Spiritual growth is important to Life Groups as it is a direct result of obeying Jesus' first, greatest commandment to us: to love the Lord our God with all our heart soul and mind.

Serve Others:
Service should be about demonstrating God's love for others whether believer or not.

Build Relationships
Relationships are important to Life Groups as Jesus demonstrated it as a priority in his life. Jesus spent a tremendous amount of time getting to know his disciples and followers in the common places of life.

Multiply? This a term we use for encouraging everyone to make room for others who are not connected. Multiply means that while your group is growing closer and deeper, you recognize the need to include others rather than pulling our circles tighter. This can take on many different forms and each group should discuss what could work best for them.  Questions?  Contact any Core Team member or send us an email

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Recommended Life Group Studies & Resources
Feb 22, 2019

Looking for a new study for your life group? We recommend these to start:

Life Group Study Recommendations:

"Not a Fan" by Kyle Idleman
"Forgotten God" by Francis Chan
"Ask it" by Andy Stanley
"Take it to the Limit" by Andy Stanley
"Phillipians" by Matt Chandler
"Work As Worship" Various speakers

The Bible Project videos on You Tube - various topic, books of the Bible and historical background information.


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One Life Update
Feb 22, 2019

How's it going with your OneLife?  

We encourage our Life Groups to continue praying for and supporting one another as we reach out to our One Life's.  For each one of us, the progress will look and feel different.  Some might be experiencing joys and progress while others are still working on the first "D".  That's ok!  The important thing is to not give up!  It is a privilege to pray for each other and those that we are trying to share God's love with.  Let's not give up our intercessory prayers for those that God has laid on our hearts.  

1. Develop Friendship
2. Discover Stories
3. Discern Next Steps

We want you to be encouraged that each of our steps and results will look different.  Be faithful and do whatever God has put in front of you to do for your One Life!

 I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.  I Cor 3:6

If you have any questions or stories to share, please feel free to contact Shawn Green.   

Did your group miss the 3D1 Training?  Contact Brad Pontius to signup for a session.   


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Life Group Connection
Feb 22, 2019

Looking for a Life Group?  

Life groups are typically made up of 7-14 people who meet together to build community, study the Bible, pray and serve together. We are always eager to talk with folks looking for a group. Email Nancy to get started in finding a place with a small group here at Sherwood Oaks.  

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Winter Sermons & Group Study
Feb 22, 2019

We all know (or are getting to know) the message of Jesus. We can learn much from examining his life, actions and example. Join in as we "Walk Like Jesus" and apply his principles in our own lives. 

This winter we encourage you and your group to follow along with the 10 week sermon series.  The sermon dates are February 10-April 14, 2019.  There will be a work book for each person, available for purchase in the bookstore.  Videos will be available online at
Leader guides came be downloaded here

There will be more resources coming to go along with this series so keep watching for updates!

Questions?  Send an email.  

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