Restoration House Ministries

    Region: United States, New England States

    Missionary: Eric Lee-Executive Director & Bob Miller-Assistant Director

    Mission: Restoration House Ministries

    Purpose/Mission: Restoration House Ministries partners with the church to transform the spiritual landscape of New England (the most unchurched region of the U.S.) with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This mission is being accomplished by planting and nurturing healthy churches in all six New England states, from Portland, ME to Boston, MA to Hartford, CT to Providence, RI and in between.  This year NE Christian Churches collectively average three baptisms a day! October 2015, RESTORE Christian Church established a beachhead in Quincy, MA (South Shore of Boston) where less than 1.5% of the population attend an evangelical church. In the Fall of 2017, Movement Christian Church re-launched in Merrimack, NH and has grown from 75 to over 400. The plant team for RENAISSANCE Christian Church in Waltham, MA moved on site to plant in the Spring 2019. Eric Lee is the Executive Director and Bob Miller is the Assistant Director

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