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02.01.21 | General Info | by Shawn Green

    Every dollar bill dropped in the offering will be set aside and used to bless families in our communities that need a little bit of extra love, help, and support. Not back to an in-person campus yet? You can still give to the Dollar Club online at Just select Dollar Club from the dropdown box. Please note, to help offset the fees associated with online giving, we ask that digital Dollar Club donations be at least $5 per transaction.

    Families/individuals who will receive the blessing of this new ministry will be selected using our benevolence strategies already in place.

    Questions? Contact Alan ( ) or Shawn ( ).

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    Since we started, we've been able to help:

    • a young father of two who was in a car accident and off work with no pay
    • a family with a newborn by putting new windows in their home that are safe and able to keep out the cold
    • a man who needed car repairs to keep a job
    • a father with anxiety issues who needed a little help to be able to get in a better place
    • a mother of five who lost her job due to Covid

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