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09.12.17 | One Life | by Shawn Green

    What is One Life?

    One of our values at Sherwood Oaks is, “We live like everyday missionaries.” For some people, they hear that value and know exactly what it means, whether it’s because they have the gift of sharing the Gospel with others or because they’ve seen it lived out in the person who led them to Jesus.

    For others, they either don’t know what it means, or what they think it means scares them and they want no part of it!

    One Life helps us all live this value out in a non-threatening, highly relational way. One Life is about being a spiritual influencer in someone’s life by developing a friendship with them, listening to their stories, and always asking the question, “God, what is their next step to you?” One Life is a way for our church to live like everyday missionaries in their neighborhood, at work, and in their community.

     Who should/could be my one life?

    Your One Life could be anyone in your life who is not a follower of Jesus. They could be a friend, a neighbor, someone you run with, the list goes on and one. Because the heart of One Life is about developing friendships and engaging in spiritual conversations with that person, your One Life should be someone you have the opportunity to spend time with regularly. While your non-believing friend in California might be someone who needs Jesus, they might not make the best One Life because of the relational limitations distance creates.

     What does "far from God" mean?

    In the story of the prodigal son that Jesus tells in Luke 15, the son is said to have left home and traveled to a distant country. While not everything in a parable should be allegorized, the son’s journey is one that many people in our world have chosen. It’s a journey that has led them away from God’s path and plan for their life. In a very real sense, they are living in a distant country nowhere near God’s design for their life.

    But, just as the son found a loving father longing for his return who ran out to meet him, by grace, those who are far from God now can run into the wide-open arms of their loving Heavenly Father and be near once more.

     What if I don't know any non-Christians?

    Chances are, you rub shoulders with non-Christians every day; you just may not have a friendship with them yet. At the heart of One Life is developing friendships with non-believers with the hope of being a Spiritual Influencer in their life. It’s a process that takes time and may be uncomfortable at first, just like any friendship, but as it develops, you may find a new relationship you treasure that might just last for all of eternity.

    To help you along your way, we’ve developed a training course called 3D1 that we will be offering through the end of the year. Be sure to register for a class to learn how to best develop friendships with non-Christians.

    Do I have to present the Gospel?

    At some point along the way, there will hopefully come a time when you have the opportunity to share the Gospel with your One Life. This moment can be exhilarating and scary at the same time! In that moment, pray for the Holy Spirit to give you the words your One Life needs to hear about God’s love and grace for them through Jesus. You don’t have to memorize anything or walk them through a list of 38 Scriptures. Sometimes the best Gospel presentation is born out of the story of how God’s grace transformed you.

    What if I don't know the answer to a question my One Life Asks?

    Genuine questions deserve genuine answers, even if that answer is, “I don’t know, but let me do some digging.” Many Christians are afraid that if they can’t answer their non-believing friend’s question, then they’ve somehow failed, when in fact, the spiritual discussion alone is success! When your One Life asks a question that you don’t feel equipped to answer, value the person and validate their question and then try to find the answer, either by doing your own research, asking a pastor or trusted friend, or inviting your One Life to search for the answer with you!

    You may also consider inviting them to join a Spiritual Discover Group where people just like them are asking questions about faith and Christianity in a safe environment and are able to talk through answers and responses. For more information about Spiritual Discovery Groups, call the church office.

     What if I feel far from God?

    If you feel far from God, we encourage you to the following:

    1) Know you’re not alone. Many people find themselves at a place in life where they don’t know what they believe anymore. Find a trusted friend that you can process through your doubts, fears, and/or struggles with and be open and honest with them.

    2) Join a Spiritual Discovery Group. In this group, you’ll find people who are where you are. You’ll be able to discuss your doubts and objections in a safe place where you are valued and loved.

    3) Know that no one is so far lost that God’s grace can’t find them. You may think there is no way that God could love someone who’s been where you’ve been and done what you’ve done, but He does. And He proved His love by sending Jesus to restore the brokenness of our lives by taking our guilt and shame on the cross so that we could have new life and a fresh start in Him. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, your Heavenly Father will welcome you back home today.

     Why do you want the name of my One Life?

    We want to join you in praying for your One Life. We have a prayer team that will be praying regularly over the names given throughout the One Life campaign. Names will be kept confidential and we encourage you to write first names only. You know exactly who the person is, and so does God. We want to join you in lifting that person up to the Father on your behalf. If you would like to join our prayer team and experience the blessing of praying over these names, contact Vickie Carmichael in the church office.

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