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SK! Ask & Seek Videos

    SK! Ask & Seek videos are posted on this webpage and on Instagram (sherwoodkids_east) and Facebook (Sherwood Kids!). Kids have so many questions about God, the Bible, the church: who wrote the Bible, why do we sing at church, is God a person, what are angel wings made out of, did Jesus eat pork,..., and the list goes on. In the spirit of what Jesus says in Matthew 7:7, the Ask & Seek videos create a space for kids to ask questions and find answers. So, ask your child if he/she has any questions, then submit the questions below. We'll make and post a SK! Ask & Seek video that answers your child's question.

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    "If the world was empty, how did God appear?"


    "How were Adam and Eve smart and the Neanderthals weren't smart?"

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