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Steps with our Savior - John 20

    Read John 20.

    Adult Questions:

    • What did Mary expect when she went to Jesus' tomb on Sunday morning?
    • What did Peter and John see in the tomb?
    • What message did Jesus give Mary to take to his disciples?
    • How did Jesus convince the group of disciples gathered in the locked room that he was alive?
    • What did Jesus do for his disciples to give them the power to tell others about him?
    • What did it take for Thomas to believe Jesus has risen from the dead?

    Sherwood Kids:

    • Reflect: Jesus is risen! The disciples and followers now understand what Jesus meant when he said he would rise from the dead. Jesus appears to them several times and encourages them since they are hiding and fearful of the Jewish leaders. The chapter records what we call “doubting Thomas” where he didn’t believe until he saw Jesus and felt his wounds.
    • Ask: How do you act like Thomas at times? What do you do when you begin to feel doubt? What did Jesus say to his disciples in verse 21 and 26? How can we have peace and trust God’s promises?
    • Activity: The dove has represented sacrifice, atonement, and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives us peace. Draw a picture, make a dove (google: paper plate dove), or see if you can find a dove to take a picture of outside. Use this anytime as a reminder to keep your peace in Jesus.


    • Why did Jesus tell Mary not to hold on to Him? (20:17)

    • Why did Jesus breathe on the disciples? (20:22)

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