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Steps with our Savior - John 21

    Read John 21.

    Adult Questions:

    • What did Peter lead the disciples to do while they were waiting for Jesus?
    • How did John recognize the man on shore as Jesus?
    • How did Jesus meet Peter's needs before talking with him about a serious subject?
    • Why did Jesus ask Peter the same question about loving him three times?
    • What ministry did Jesus assign Peter to do?

    Sherwood Kids:

    • Reflect: In this final chapter, we read the disciples, in their uncertainty, returned to what they knew well: fishing! They had fished all night and caught nothing. Jesus calls out from the shore to throw the nets on the right-hand side of the boat. They didn’t know who he was yet, but listened, and caught more fish than they could get into the boat. They rushed to shore (Peter swam!) and ate fish and bread with Jesus. Jesus told Peter over and over “feed my lambs”, “take care of my sheep”, and “feed my sheep”. He is telling Peter to give Jesus’ followers the Word of God. That is Jesus’ last message for us…take care of followers, remind them of the word of God often.
    • Ask: What is your favorite scripture, story, or promise God made? Do you have some memorized? Do you go to a certain book or story when you open your Bible?
    • Activity: Write down your favorite verse on a few index cards or post-it notes. Then, be ready to “feed Jesus’ sheep” by giving God’s word to someone when you feel the Spirit telling you to.


    • Why did Jesus press Peter three times for an answer? (21:15-17)
    • What’s the meaning of ‘feed my lambs,’ ‘take care of my sheep,’ and ‘feed my sheep?’ (21:15-17)

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