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Roof-Crashers Embrace Generosity

11.05.13 | Volunteer | by Sarah Peden

    This fall, a group of women who meet during Friday morning Roof-Crashers decided to take on the Jen Hatmaker's “7 Experiment: staging your own mutiny against excess” book study.

    As part of the study, which includes 7 different fasts in areas of excess in our lives, we focused on fasting in the area of our possessions. The book highlights Matthew 6:19-21 for this.

    What started out as a small group study, became an open invitation to everyone in Roof-Crashers. Over 100 women were challenged to go through their homes and pick out 7 items a day, or clean out 7 rooms in their home, or donate 7 items from each family member for 7 days straight. Those items were broken up into 7 categories that would be donated to 7 different local organizations who serve our community: My Sister’s closet, New Leaf New Life, the Crisis Pregnancy Center, Kirkwood Mealshare, The Closet of Hope, Shalom Center, and the Sherwood Oaks clothing drive for Honduras.

    We had so much to give. So much in fact, we were able to do this challenge again, a mere four weeks later.

    We’ll never know how far our act of generosity will go. If by giving of our possessions, a single mother was able to provide for her family. Or a man, recently released from jail, was confident in his job interview because of the clothing he received, and is now a contributing member of society. Maybe part of the homeless population is warmer this winter because of the blankets, towels and bedding donated by our group.

    Romans 12:13 says, “When God‘s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality.” (NLT)

    Through this fast and through the humble act of giving, our hearts have been changed to a new way of thinking. Rather than storing up our earthly treasures, may we store up our heavenly treasures through generosity, living below our means, battling poverty, communal responsibility and humility.

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