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Sherwood Kids! Teachable Moments

    Every Monday, SK! publishes a short devotional called "Teachable Moments." These devotionals are designed to generate conversations in your home that will help you shepherd your child and his or her relationship with Jesus. Check them out below!

    August Week 4

    1) Share the names of the people you consider to be friends.
    2) Read Ruth 1.
    3) What are the characteristics of a good friend?

    August Week 3

    1) Read the list of "defining moments" in Hebrews 11.
    2) Talk about what the "defining moments" revealed about the people on the list.
    3) What are your current circumstances revealing about you?

    August Week 2

    1) Try to play soccer without a ball, eat soup without a spoon, or make a sandwich without bread. How did it go?
    2) Read Exodus 3-4.
    3) What is God asking you to do that you don't feel equipped to do? Remember He will give you everything you need to do the work He sets before you.

    August Week 1

    1) Describe a storm and how it makes you feel.
    2) Read Matthew 14:22-36.
    3) What are some things in your life that are like a storm and how can you keep your eyes on Jesus during the "storms" in your life?

    July Week 4

    1) What is the church?
    2) Read Acts 2:37-47 and 1 Corinthians 12.
    3) Why do you go to church?

    July Week 3

    1) What do you drink when you are thirsty?
    2) Read John 4.
    3) How is God's love becoming a well of living water in you today?

    July Week 2

    1) What are some things that feed thoughts to your mind (e.g., movies, books, video games, friends, etc.)?
    2) Read Philippians 4:8.
    3) How can you feed more true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy thoughts to your mind?

    July Week 1

    1) Share a time when you obeyed your parents even though you didn't want to obey them.
    2) Read Ephesians 6:1.
    3) Why does God want us to obey our parents? How can you help your friends obey their parents?

    June Week 5

    1) Read 1 Samuel 17.
    2) What is the connection between David's trust in God and his confidence in facing Goliath?
    3) What "Goliaths" are you facing (e.g., school plans, racism, etc.) and how does your trust in God affect the way you face these "Goliaths"?

    June Week 4

    1) Find a rock and some mud and talk about the differences between the two.
    2) Read Ezekiel 36:26.
    3) What does it mean to have a "heart of stone" or a "heart of flesh"? Why does God want us to have a heart of flesh?

    June Week 3

    1) Put a puzzle together. Talk about the differences between the pieces (i.e., shape, color, etc.) and how, together, they form a picture.
    2) Read Galatians 3:28.
    3) Talk about how people are different, like the puzzle pieces, and how we are all part of God's story.

    June Week 2

    1) When have you wanted something so badly that you thought you deserved it more than someone else?
    2) Read Philippians 2:3.
    3) Talk about the unrest in our nation and about how we can regard others as more important than ourselves.

    June Week 1

    1) Read a children's book and talk about the difference between a comma and a period.
    2) Read John 11:1-45.
    3) When did Mary and Martha put a "period" where God put a "comma?" When have you put a "period" where God has put a "comma?"

    May Week 4

    1) Talk about the order you see around you.
    2) Read Genesis 1.
    3) God brings order to chaos and wants us to do the same. How will you join God in bringing order into the world this week?

    May Week 3

    1) Talk about the birds and flowers that you see around you.
    2) Read Matthew 6:25-36.
    3) What does seeking God's kingdom and His righteousness first look like for you this week?

    May Week 2

    1) How do you know when God is at work in your and around you?
    2) Read Galatians 16-26.
    3) Share some examples of God's work in your family during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    May Week 1

    1) What are some things that are important to you?
    2) Read Luke 10:25-37.
    3) What are some things that are important to God?

    April Week 4

    1) What work are you doing this week? (school, play, chores, job, etc.)
    2) Read Colossians 3:23-24
    3) How does "working for God" change the way you work?

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