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2 Kings 22:11-23:25

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II Kings 22:11-23:25Sharon Phillips

Do you have any idea what God expects of you? How would you find out? If you were trying to build a piece of furniture, you would follow the instructions. If you wanted to recreate a dish, that your mother used to cook, you would follow the recipe. If you were trying to figure out your smart phone, you would look at the manual. To find out what kind of life pleases God, you would consult his book.

 King Josiah, who was only 18 years old, discovered by reading Gods book, that his predecessors had fallen down the slippery slope into moral decay. They no longer had any idea about the one true and holy God. He was horrified how far they had fallen and his repentance was complete.

However, Josiah didn’t just give lip service to his God. “I’m sorry, please forgive me.” He set about completely destroying everything that had led the Israelites into the corruption that caused Gods anger to ignite against them. He held onto to nothing that he had known as a way of life. Repentance and cleansing became his mantra.

 Have you read the Book in order to know God’s expectations of you? What would you do if you found that you had not been living the way God demands?  Josiah read, repented, and cleansed thus finding favor with God. Would you clean up your life or just hide the bad things? At this moment are you cleaning or hiding?

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