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4 Chairs Series

Posted by Nancy Barrow on

4 Chairs

We all know (or are getting to know) the message of Jesus, but have you ever stopped and considered the methods that he used in drawing his followers to him?  Jesus recognized that the people he encountered were at different stages of growth and development, and he worked to challenge each of them to move to the next level. We can learn much from examining his model and applying the techniques in our own lives. 

This fall we encourage you and your group to follow along with the sermon series 4 Chairs.  The sermon dates are Sept 9-Oct 7th a total of five weeks. Leaders study guide with group questions are available as well as weekly videos to stream either as a group or individually.  

Visit to find a link to the Leader Guide and to stream the weekly videos.  

There will be more resources coming to go along with this series so keep watching for updates!

Questions?  Send me an email.  

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