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Baptism: Curious Questions

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According to this scripture (Acts 8), the people didn’t receive the holy spirit at the time of baptism. It appears that comes later from the laying on of hands. I thought you received the Holy Spirit at baptism. Please clarify. You are correct that the Samarians who believed and were...

How Was Satan in the Garden?: Curious Questions


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If God made everything good and thus the garden of Eden was “good,” why was Satan there to tempt Adam and Eve? At least one thing was not “good” in the garden. Genesis 2:18      The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will...

What about God's Chosen People?: Curious Question

Posted by Tim Thompson on

I know the Jewish people are called the chosen ones, but why don’t they believe Jesus is the Savior? Also, does that mean they won’t be accepted into heaven? What a great question! And it leads to an interesting conundrum, both Jews and Christians claim the revelation of God found...

Other Religions: Curious Questions

Posted by Brad Pontius on

What about the Hindus and other religions that believe in a god that seems similar to ours but doesn’t have Jesus? How do we reach out to them and where do you feel they end up? The key verse that we use to support the ‘exclusivity’ of Christianity is in John 14:6. To...

Dinosaurs in the Bible: Curious Questions


Posted by Tom Ellsworth on

My opinion is that dinosaurs were likely present on earth at the same time as the rest of creation, humans included.  They were part of God’s creation.  Here are a few thoughts to consider.  Since dinosaur bones have been discovered in recent times that contain soft tissue...

Minute Message September 7

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Listen to the audio It has been wisely said, “Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at something that doesn’t really matter”.  Hi, I’m Tom Ellsworth from Sherwood Oaks Christian church with a minute message. For many, Labor Day is simply the...

CQ: Balancing Kids' Schedules and Church

Posted by Amy Lanham on

How do I balance the commitments of children's activities (sports) while putting God first? How do you make the choice to skip weekend tournaments to attend service every Sunday when your child's absence is viewed as a non-commitment to the team? How do handle the commitment to team and the...

MInute Message August 31

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Listen to the audio Viewing nature around us through the eyes of a child is refreshing.  Children are filled with an insatiable sense of curiosity at God’s creation; their eyes still get wide, they still gasp with surprise, they still squeal with delight.  My grandchildren are...

Flood Relief

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We've watched as Harvey's destruction grew this week and knew we needed to do something. Sherwood Oaks is partnering with IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service) to raises funds and make a difference to the greater Houston area. You can support this effort in numerous ways. Give...

Why Pray?: Curious Questions

Posted by Claudia Mitchell on

If God already has a plan for us, why bother asking for physical needs in prayer? Good Question.   It feels like training for a game that has already happened!  First of all, we have to accept on some level that there is a mystery about all of this we’re just not going to...

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