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The Christmas Sneeze

Posted by Claudia Mitchell on

Did you know things expelled during a sneeze have been clocked at 100 miles an hour? I sneezed while Christmas shopping in an elbow to elbow crowded store and three people I had never met said "God bless you". I wonder if they had any idea of the power behind their words or the speed behind my...

One Mistake

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Have you ever gotten so angry that you said or did something you regret? So angry that you destroyed something important like a relationship or a future? Messed up something that you just can’t fix? It happens to all of us because we all make mistakes. Sometimes, in books or films, you can...

The Carols of Christmas

Posted by Tom Ellsworth on

During this season of the year one of the most joyful sounds is the music of Christmas carols and many of them have their own unique story to tell.    There was a time when Christmas carols were silent – the Puritan English Parliament abolished carols in the year 1627...

Advent Poems

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Black Friday Blurry eyed and cold Masses stand in artificial light Breathing frigid dark air in and out   She checks her watch. 10 more minutes No one speaks.   She sifts her weight from her right foot to her left. A man grips a cart handle tightly He looks at an ad...

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