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...and shoud I dare complain, contemplate Job...

Posted by Cary Curry on


This short chapter captures so much of the emotion of the Book of Job. It’s painful to read, as it provokes emotions in us that we hope are never a reality in our lives. We see, however, that there is a world vying for us – a world that is not what God intended for us – a world that does exist.

Job’s faith continues to be challenged as Satan taunts God to “test” Job’s faithfulness. It’s not bad enough that Job has lost all that he believes matters to him (except His faith)…now he is covered from head to toe with boils.   Job remains steadfast to look only to God as his provider, even when all seems to be diminishing quickly in his life. Job’s wife delivers the powerful line, “Curse God and Die” – I don’t think anyone would give her plea a second thought…except Job. In some way, Job knows this is exactly Satan’s hope…that Job will indeed curse God and die.

The end of the chapter introduces us to Job’s well intended, but confused friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar. They are compassionate, as they sit with Job for seven days without saying one word. As we often find in life, we miss the mark on our advice to others at time – Job’s friends, in their attempts to “explain” the order of events that have happened, miss the mark in the chapters ahead. However, the moment Job forgives, as the one who suffered the most is a constant reminder of how we are to view our Lord and Savior today.

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