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April 13 Minute Message

Posted by Tom Ellsworth on

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Genevieve Hernandez stood with the rest of her fifth-grade class along the Massachusetts shoreline as they tossed their message laden bottles into the ocean. The waves on that stormy November afternoon quickly washed most bottles back on shore. Hernandez was convinced her green Sprite bottle, stuck in the seaweed, was going nowhere, but it did. Two years later a 26-year old African man in Morocco found the bottle and responded with a letter of his own. Hi, I’m Tom Ellsworth from Sherwood Oaks Christian Church with a minute message.

It is amazing to think that a small plastic bottle could travel 3,500 miles and then be found. Though the message was not life changing, it did connect two people who were worlds apart.

Some messages, however, are life changing so when God decided to send us his message of hope and forgiveness, he did not put it in an empty bottle and randomly set it afloat. He sent his Son on an incredible journey that ended not on the shores of Africa, but at an empty tomb just outside of Jerusalem. Easter is worth celebrating because it is the thrilling culmination of a journey that connects two who were worlds apart – us and God!


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