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Christmas Devos: Joy

Posted by Janet Wingard on

This week of Advent we reflect on Joy! Here are my thoughts from the week! I always love to pour over the verses that describe the birth of Jesus. I let my imagination take hold and I find myself in the midst of that glorious night. This week I stepped into the world of the shepherds who were...

Christmas Devos: Peace

Posted by Janet Wingard on

As we approach the second week of Advent we will pause and focus on the Prince of Peace who came to Earth to give us His peace!  Here are a few thoughts from my Advent study this week. Perfect peace comes from knowing the Prince of Peace, being near to Him, and trusting him...

Whisper (Sherwood Oaks Bookstore Review)

Posted by Janet Wingard on

Did you know you are imprinted by God, and you not only bear His image but you know his voice? “It’s His voice that knit you together in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). It’s His voice that ordained all your days before one of them came to be. It’s His voice that...

The Listening Life, Part Three

Posted by Janet Wingard on

(this is part three of a three part blog. Go here to begin the series) We are created to be God-listeners. What is more remarkable to me and even more awesome to consider, is that God listens to us. In fact, He is a God who bows down and listens to us. Ps. 86:1 David prays, “Bend down, O...

The Listening Life, Part Two

Posted by Janet Wingard on

(This is the second part in a series. Go here for the first part.) We fail to listen, and yet one of our deepest, intimate longings is to have someone listen to us. We all long to be heard…and therapy offices are filled with people who are not being listened to in their most important...

The Listening Life, Part One

Posted by Janet Wingard on

This morning I wanted to share a few thoughts about listening…which is a bit ironic because I’ve discovered I’m not very good at.  Until recently, if you had asked me to rate my listening skills, I would have given myself a high mark. I generally remember conversations...

Why Shop the Sherwood Oaks Christian Bookstore?

Posted by Janet Wingard on

Sometimes people ask us why they should shop the Sherwood Oaks Christian Bookstore. I could sum it up with this phrase: “incomparable service, competitive pricing.” The Sherwood Oaks Bookstore is a ministry of the church whose mission is to provide quality spiritual resources for...

God is full of Surprises

Posted by Janet Wingard on

God is full of surprises…and often His plans bring unexpected things in life. We found ourselves in the midst of the unexpected at Christmas time in 1988. But I’m getting ahead of the story…. We lived in Madison, Wisconsin while Tobin finished his last year of physical...

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