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Recommended Life Group Studies & Resources

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What studies has your group enjoyed?  Let us know and we'll share with other groups. Click here to share.  Looking for a new study for your life group? Our leaders recommend these:   Life Group Study Recommendations: "Not a Fan" by Kyle Idleman"Forgotten God" by Francis...

One Life Update

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How's it going with your OneLife?   We encourage our Life Groups to continue praying for and supporting one another as we reach out to our One Life's.  For each one of us, the progress will look and feel different.  Some might be experiencing joys and progress while others...

Life Group Core Values

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Life Groups at Sherwood Oaks exist to help members: Grow Spiritually:Spiritual growth is important to Life Groups as it is a direct result of obeying Jesus' first, greatest commandment to us: to love the Lord our God with all our heart soul and mind. Serve Others:Service should be about...

Room For Doubt - Week 5

Posted by Nancy Barrow on

Week 5: Why Does God Allow Tragedy and Suffering? It’s clear to see that our world is filled with unthinkable tragedy, pain, and suffering. From shootings, diseases to personal and families issues, our history is filled with horrific stories of pain. People often times ask...

Room For Doubt - Week 6

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Week 6: Tolerance, Truth, and the Exclusive Claims of Christ A common objection to all religions, not just Christianity, is, “Don’t all religions basically teach the same thing and lead to the same place?” How do we know the claims of Christianity are true compared to...

Room For Doubt - Week 4

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Week 4: Why Do Christians Say that Jesus is God’s Son? The skeptic might say, “Anyone can claim to be God, but that doesn’t make it true.” In week 4 of our Room for Doubt series, we will study the evidence of Jesus’ claim and how the resurrection is the exclamation...

Room For Doubt - Week 3

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Week 3: Isn't the Bible Full of Myths and Mistakes? The Bible is the most scrutinized piece of literature in history, and yet over and over, it continues to stand strong against its accusers. How can we be confident that what it says is true and accurate? LEADER GUIDE:    ...

Room For Doubt - Week 2

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Week 2: How Can We Be Sure God Actually Exists? We live in an age of growing skepticism where we’re increasingly asked to defend our belief in God. Many Christians are joining the chorus of non-Christians asking the question, “How can we be sure God actually...

Room For Doubt - Week 1

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We kick off the Room For Doubt series on January 13/14, 2018.  This is a building block in our One Life initiative which addresses doubts and questions that are common to each of us.   The topic of week one is "The Upside of Doubt".   The Bible is filled with...

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