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Psalm 1 & 8

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Psalm 1: Two Ways As you read Psalms chapter one you quickly see two paths: the path of the righteous and the path of the wicked. These two paths promise two different experiences in life. The Wicked Path in verses 4 & 5 promises a life of no substance, like chaff blown away when...

God Provides in Big Ways

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1 Kings 16:29-17:24 Elijah was the bearer of bad news to a truly brutal king and he had to be terrified of what this king might do to him. Yet, Elijah told him anyway, because that is what God had asked him to do. What Elijah didn't know was what would come next. Two things we can learn from...

We Can't Do It On Our Own

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If you are like me, you got about a fourth of the way through this chapter and were scratching your head thinking, “Wait, what?” If I had to keep up with all these rules and regulations, I would be continually unclean. Then I realized that I am continually unclean. It is only with...

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