Away from me, Satan

Sep 21, 2022Emily Bedwell

My small group is doing one of the weekly reading plans in the You Version Bible this week on “Winning the War in Your Mind.” Monday’s reading and devotion dealt with Jesus being tempted by Satan, and how that can and still does apply to our lives. As I was reading Matthew 4, something stuck out to me that had not in the past – after Jesus goes back and forth with Satan during the temptations, this section ends with Jesus saying four words that I think we all could stand to say a little more in our lives:

Away from me, Satan.

Jesus has refuted Satan’s temptations with Scripture. He has turned His back on the lures and snares of the world. He has warned Satan to not put God to the test. He has looked over the world that is already His and found the place inside where He can stand firm in what He knows to be true. Then, instead of flowery language or big prayers, He utters those four words.

I think when I’m in situations where I feel darkness lurking, I run to God and talk A LOT. I run from the darkness and pray it doesn’t find me. I do a lot that gives me the allusion of control. Maybe, instead I should just utter those four words:

Away from me, Satan.

And then rest in knowing the rest of this portion of scripture: “then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.” (Matthew 4:11)

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