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Behind the Seen Series Begins this Weekend

Posted by Shawn Green on

Humans are spiritual beings and have long been interested in the forces of this world we cannot see. Given the recent popularity of the paranormal in media and entertainment, even Hollywood has recognized that the supernatural sells. There’s no denying that, as a culture, we are as curious as ever about things unseen.

But, with all of this fascination surrounding the paranormal, what does the Bible teach about the invisible forces at work in our world? That’s the question we will address in our series, Behind the Seen. During this series, we hope to gain a greater awareness and understanding of the spiritual realm in our lives and how we can stand against Satan’s schemes and distractions because of the greatest supernatural event of all time: the Resurrection.

Week 1: The Paranormal Has Never Been So Normal (Feb. 24/25th)

God created us to be spiritual beings. His fingerprints are placed on every human heart and He designed us with a hunger for the spiritual that was meant to guide us to Him. However, Satan is sneaky, and has derailed many people’s journey to God with a detour to the paranormal that teaches a false gospel, makes promises it cannot keep, and will always drag people into bondage and confusion.

Week 2: The Enemy We Cannot See (March 10/11th)

In his book, The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis writes, “There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about the devils. One is to disbelieve in their existence. The other is to believe, and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them.” In other words, to not believe in Satan and his forces is just as dangerous as having an unhealthy obsession with them.

Week 3: The Invisible Battle Surrounding Us (March 17/18th)

There’s more going on in this world than our eyes can see. Paul tells us in Ephesians that we fight a battle that is not against flesh and blood, but in the spiritual realm. Peter tell us that our enemy, the devil, prowls around looking for someone to devour. The truth is, temptation and spiritual warfare is happening all around us in ways we can’t see.

Week 4: Angels (March 25th)

The word Angel means messenger and, in the Bible, angels are spiritual beings who serve primarily as messengers of God. Angels appeared to many of God’s people in the Bible to announce good news, warn of danger, guard from evil, guide and protect, and instruct. In the New Testament, angels herald the birth of Jesus, strengthen him when he was tempted, roll the stone away from the tomb, guide the disciples, and surrounded the throne to worship.

Week 5: Easter Celebration (April 1st)

The greatest supernatural event of all time changed the course of history and has the power to transform your life, too!

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