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byTavi Fashion Show

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byTavi Fashion Show

Tavi is a woman who lived in a culture where it was common practice to traffic children in order to make ends meet. Desperate to make sure this would never happen, she arrived at Center for Global Impact (CGI) after her husband passed away and she was left to care for her two children and a relative alone. She requested a sewing machine and seamstress training of the CGI. Three short years later, it went from her sewing pillowcases to thirty other women sewing a variety of many other products. They work with a designer and learned how to take a mere sketch and make it a reality.

The byTavi line consists of high-quality, unique, and boutique-style clothing and purses created by a team of seamstresses in Cambodia. In exchange, these women receive consistent employment and a wage by which they can live off in a poverty-stricken town. If this was not enough of a compelling reason to buy their products, each seamstress stiches their own name onto the product which gives the buyer a chance to pray for the woman and it also adds a special meaningfulness to each product.  

Through this inspiring company, we are so pleased to invite girls from junior high up to college and their mothers to a byTavi fashion show! Girls of these ages will model these one-of-a-kind products in a fun environment. This event will give you a great opportunity to support this wonderful company and purchase special gifts for yourself as well as others. The proceeds will go to these women to continue providing them a steady job and means to provide for their family. It will take place at the Pourhouse Café on December 9th from 6-8 pm. We will serve lemonade and cookies to enjoy during the show. We feel so blessed to be able to be a part of such a wonderful company and are so excited to invite you. Even if you are unable to make the event, we ask you to pray for these women in Cambodia and learn more about byTavi at their website at

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