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Carefest: The Heart of Service

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Serving others is the heartbeat of Sherwood Oaks, and there is no better way to see that come to life than when hundreds of people come together at the same time to serve the community!

Carefest is our annual all-church day of service. On November 1, we will send hundreds of people from our church onto six different job sites to clean, paint, organize, work and just serve together.

We asked several people who have been a part of Carefest for awhile now why the serve and why they think you should, too. Here are some of their answers

What does serving change about you?

It is very fulfilling and challenging. I feel the reality that I have a purpose for being alive. I grow as a leader and a servant during each event regardless of my role. It exposes and helps the Holy Spirit and I work on my weaknesses. - Brian O.

It does give me an inner sense of satisfaction and pride to help others. -Mark G.

Why should people serve at Carefest?

Many reasons…..mostly because we are Christians and as such, seek and gladly perform selfless acts of kindness/assistance.  But also, it provides good fellowship.  It’s great to work on projects with other members that involve several hours.  So often, our interactions are limited to small talk and chit chat on Sunday mornings.  -Mark G.

The need is great and the workers are few. Regardless of our gifts and life state, every Christian can help in any Carefest event. If nothing else, pray. If in doubt how you can best serve, ask.- Brian O.

Sign up for Carefest here and say Yes2Love on November 1.

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