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Christmas Magic

Posted by Emily Bedwell on

As a child, I loved the magic of Christmas. I believed in the mystery of Santa, the elves working hard to get all the presents made, the wonder of it all...Christmas is the perfect time to be a child and to believe in the impossible and improbable. My imagination ran wild and I even managed to convince myself that I saw Santa in our kitchen one year! But, as with so many things, the older I got, the harder it was to believe.

Now, as a busy, working adult, it's sometimes easier to let the craziness of the season take the place of the magic of the season. In the rush to get work stuff done, buy the perfect gift, make food for pitch-ins, get the Christmas cards ready and so on, the magic is replaced by the mundane. Days fly by. I'm busy. And tired. And worn out by the "most wonderful time of year."

But then I go home, I turn on the lights on the Christmas tree, and some of that magic returns. The sparkling lights and the memories associated with dozens of Christmas ornaments remind me that, even though I don't believe in the same things I did as a child, there is still wonder to be had this time of year. And I still believe in the magic, even if it's harder to find. I believe in the magic of a season where anything is possible.

More than anything, this is the season when the most improbable moment of all became the most meaningful. A baby born in a manger came to save the world from dark. The light broke through. The darkness gave way. The wonder of it all is what makes the magic real in our lives.

This Christmas, take time to embrace the magic!

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