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Funeral Meal Teams Need You!

Posted by Emily Bedwell on

Are you looking for an easy way to help people in crisis? Do you have a favorite go-to covered dish you can prepare with little notice? Do you have a heart to serve the hurting as they walk through the difficult time of a funeral? 

Our funeral meal teams provide food, comfort, and community to those that request it after a funeral or memorial service. We desperately need to increase the number of people on these teams. Let Connie ( ) know if you can help on either or both teams listed below:

Funeral Meal Food: Your name would be on a list to be contacted when there will be a funeral meal at Sherwood Oaks. You will be asked to bring a “covered dish” and it can be the same thing each time if you have a favorite dish you like to prepare. We try to not use the same people for each funeral, but to divide the list so you are only called upon every two or three funeral meals. The number per year varies.
Funeral Meal Server: You would be on a team with other people (men and women can serve on this team) to order meat and whatever else may be needed, set the tables for the meals, serve the food, then clean up after the meal. This may last two to four hours, depending on the number of people attending the meal (we do limit to 50 max). 

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