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Generosity Reimagined

Posted by Tom Ellsworth on

We are spending the month of November talking about what it means to be generous, but we're also looking at how we traditionally look at generosity and thinking a little differently. Join us all month as we explore what generosity: reimagined looks like.

When you hear the word generosity, what comes to mind? For many people, it's money. And while generosity can, and should, be displayed through our finances, it's also about the time and energy we invest in others. When our lives reflect the radical generosity Jesus calls us to, lives are changed and the kingdom of Heaven feels a little closer to Earth.

  • November 4/5: Practicing Generosity
  • November 11/12: Settling for Less
  • November 18/19: Trusting God
  • November 25/26: The Joy of Generosity

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