Just Like Us: Journal Prompts

Jan 6, 2019

Elijah is described in the book of James as a man just like us. And yet, what we read in Elijah’s life is an account of a man who did incredible things for the Lord. Things that most of us will never experience. So, how could Elijah be “just like us” when it seems like his prayers were answered and ours aren’t? When he saw the Lord do amazing things through him, while we feel like we’re just going through the motions of our faith?

In this series, we will see all the ways that Elijah was just like us and how we are just like him. We will learn through Elijah’s life how we can delight in the Lord, discover His goodness, determine to do what is right, even if we’re all alone, lean into His faithfulness when we are drained, and delegate his mission to the next generation.

Each week during the Just Like Us series we are encouraging you to journal about a different aspect of your relationship with God. 

Week one: What were your greatest areas of delight in 2018?

Download the Journal Prompts for the series here.