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Life Group Core Values

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Life Groups at Sherwood Oaks exist to help members:

Grow Spiritually:
Spiritual growth is important to Life Groups as it is a direct result of obeying Jesus' first, greatest commandment to us: to love the Lord our God with all our heart soul and mind.

Serve Others:
Service should be about demonstrating God's love for others whether believer or not.

Build Relationships
Relationships are important to Life Groups as Jesus demonstrated it as a priority in his life. Jesus spent a tremendous amount of time getting to know his disciples and followers in the common places of life.

Multiply? This a term we use for encouraging everyone to make room for others who are not connected. Multiply means that while your group is growing closer and deeper, you recognize the need to include others rather than pulling our circles tighter. This can take on many different forms and each group should discuss what could work best for them.  Questions?  Contact any Core Team member or send us an email

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