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Living in Love

Posted by Tyler Cadwell on

1 John 4

Love - what a misunderstood word these days. Many people understand love as a romantic feeling; others understand it as something in friendship. Both of these can be true, but love is much more than that. Love still loves when it is hated. Love still loves when it is wronged. Love always loves. God is love, thus Jesus is love, so we have the perfect example of everything that love means in this world. It doesn’t mean only love those who love you. No, anyone can do that. The love that we are talking about, the love that Jesus shows, is for all. He loves those who hate him and loves those who love him. Jesus loves all.

If you look up love in the dictionary you will not find the kind of love that God is, but rather you will find what this world has shifted this word to mean in our limited understanding. God’s love is best described by the Greek word “agape” which means “selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love.”

We must seek this type of love in our lives. We must live it, and surround ourselves with those that live it also. This kind of love doesn’t just happen overnight. No, this type of love is a process of pursuing God and loving God’s people because we love God. This type of love only comes from God. And when we surround ourselves with people that have this type of love in their life it rubs off. We can help each other become stronger in love by praying with one another, keeping one another accountable, and pointing each other back to Christ.

In short: Loving others is showing our love for God.

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