May 18 Minute Message

May 18, 2017Tom Ellsworth

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Race driver Rick Mears said, “To finish first you must first finish.”

The month of May in Indiana is best known for the excitement of the Indianapolis 500. Growing up as a Hoosier, I remember well visiting the track for a qualification day back in the 1960s – I was amazed! For days afterwards, I raced my pedal cars in the driveway pretending to be some famous Indy driver. The 500 may be the greatest spectacle in racing, but it’s no fun when you live your life with the same reckless abandon. Are you pushing yourself to the limit living each new day at breakneck speed? Do you find yourself constantly going in circles? How often does life breakdown and you feel like you’re living in the pits? Frustrating, isn’t it?

You work hard, do your best and still someone passes you low on the curve to beat you to victory lane. God never intended life to be such a rat race or any kind of race for that matter. So, slow down; lend a helping hand to other travelers; enjoy the scenery on the way home. It’s not about finishing first; it’s about finishing faithful to God.