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Middle School Is Exactly What You Make It

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I went to middle school in Louisville, Kentucky and I had plenty of ups and downs. There were days when I didn’t think I would make it through. I didn’t have very many friends, I struggled to fit in, and I stressed out too much about my classes. There was only one thing that I can say is the reason why I am here today- my faith. I had a good set of beliefs in elementary school, but didn’t really start developing a relationship with Christ until I was in the 6th grade.

I felt as though God was putting it on my heart to start a Christian group at my school called Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

As soon as I started organizing this, I immediately felt judged by my peers, teachers, and even principal. Through the support of some really close friends and Christian mentors, I persisted. I was not going to give up so easily because some people thought it was weird. That would defeat the whole purpose, right?

As I got the club started and we had regular Wednesday morning meetings, I often felt discouraged. I felt an overwhelming sense of pressure that it was my responsibility that the students connected to God. I also felt judged by my classmates because they would make sarcastic comments to me like, “Oh she loves God”, and then laugh their heads off.

Because there were moments like these, I thought about handing the leadership role over to someone else. I was embarrassed, scared, and stressed out. I am so glad I didn’t.

Over time, more people started coming to these meetings and more people started telling me how much they enjoyed it.

I began to see what God was doing in my school, and to my heart.

One day it just hit me, that this is God using me for something bigger than myself, to lead others to his light, to be courageous and bold with my faith. It wasn’t my job to force people to know
Christ. It was and still is my job to be a representation of Christ so others can see Christ through me.

The boy who made that sarcastic comment to me really angered me, but this helped me to grow in my faith. Yeah, I do love God, a lot! And I’m proud of it! If you can’t go outside and scream your beliefs at the top of your lungs, then why do you believe it? This is one thing I wish I would've realized going into 6th grade. I wish I wasn’t so scared of being All In. I was halfway in, but being 100% devoted to Christ is way better. The only person we need to impress is the Lord, for that is who we are living for, and no one else. Who cares what other people think?

Having a relationship with God is way more important than a reputation.

Though there are things that would've been helpful for me to know before 6th grade, I am thankful I had this experience at my middle school, because I really got to know my God better. He is faithful. He was holding on to me those days I wanted to let go. I needed these hard times to mold me into the stronger person I am today.

Whatever you are going through, whatever God is challenging you with, it is possible to overcome. There is no obstacle that God puts in your life that you cannot overcome. Stay strong in your faith, keep believing and persisting, and enjoy middle school.

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