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November 16 Minute Message

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Life-changing moments most often happen when you least expect them.  Hi, I’m Tom Ellsworth from Sherwood Oaks Christian Church with a minute message.

Indiana native, Lew Wallace, was a musician, attorney and state senator who gained national fame during the American Civil War.  Among his victories he is credited with defending Washington D.C. Outnumbered eighteen to one his quick thinking and courageous action delayed the Confederate advance long enough for reinforcements to rescue the nation’s capital. Eleven years after the Civil War ended, Wallace met a former officer on a train bound for Indianapolis. 

For two hours the famous agnostic, Col. Robert Ingersol, argued his convictions with his comrade and challenged Wallace to prove him wrong.  Lew Wallace, a meticulous researcher, began a study of the life of Christ that resulted in a gripping novel published four years later in 1880.  It also resulted in Wallace’s conversion to Christianity. 

Just think; a two-hour conversation with a friend changed his life and impacted American literature for decades.  Lew Wallace died a Christian and his book, Ben Hur, considered the most influential Christian book of the nineteenth century lives on as a testimony to his faith.  Don’t be surprised when an unexpected moment draws you closer to God and changes your life forever!

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