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Playing Santa

Posted by Cheryl Clark on

One of my favorite Christmas memories was early on in our marriage. Karl & I were married 25 years ago, on December 9th, 1989. It was probably our third or fourth Christmas as a married couple and we didn’t have any kids yet. We didn’t really need anything, and were trying to decide what to do for each other….

Karl grew up in Ft. Wayne, IN and one of his best friends still lived there with his wife. He and Karl had been talking on the phone one night and that year had been especially hard for his family. They had 2 small children and he had been out of work for awhile. He was worried about bills that hadn’t been paid and what they were going to do about Christmas presents for the kids. It was one of those times where you just share your heart, vent a little bit and then change the subject.

After talking about it and praying about it, we decided that we would anonymously give them money and presents for the kids. My in-laws were going to Ft. Wayne, so we could send everything with them. And they knew someone that would dress up as Santa Claus to deliver the presents. We had so much fun shopping and wrapping the presents!

As planned, Santa arrived at their house with a bag full of presents and a “Merry Christmas!” They were so surprised! Although they asked Santa questions about where the gifts came from, he was able to answer just like Santa would because he didn’t know us.

Our friends called everyone they could think of to try to figure the mystery out. But we were they only ones who knew anything about it, and we never told anyone else. For years our friends would try to find different ways to ask about that Christmas, but our story never changed.

To this day, that was one of the best Christmas’s ever!

It is so much fun to give! See if you can surprise someone this year. But remember to keep it a secret!

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