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Room For Doubt - Week 4

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Week 4: Why Do Christians Say that Jesus is God’s Son?

The skeptic might say, “Anyone can claim to be God, but that doesn’t make it true.” In week 4 of our Room for Doubt series, we will study the evidence of Jesus’ claim and how the resurrection is the exclamation point to it. 

     Leaders Intro & Lesson 4 questions

Video options for week 4 - all are short (times noted), so pick & choose or show them all in your group: 

Video option #1: Did Jesus Think Jesus was the son of God? (2:16)
Video Option #2: Is Jesus Christ the Messiah of Isaiah 53? (1:24)

Many resources are available online for this topic. The items below are recommended places to start:
"Why Should I Believe that Jesus Was God In Flesh?"  Article by Zach Breitenbach on the Room For Doubt website.

How Easter Killed My Faith in Atheism.”  Article by Lee Strobel.


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