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September News - Sherwood Kids West

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We have some great things going on this month! Here’s what you need to know for September:

  1. Follow the Power Up prompts which will be posted on our website and social media each Sunday. (Links below)
  2. Pick up a poster from your local Sherwood Oaks campus. Color it in as we go along to keep track of how much you're growing in your faith walk with Jesus!
  • Ask and Seek Videos. Kids have so many questions about God, the Bible, the church: who wrote the Bible, why do we sing at church, is God a person, what are angel wings made out of, did Jesus eat pork, etc. etc., etc. In the spirit of what Jesus says in Matthew 7:7, the Ask & Seek videos create a space for your kids to ask questions and find answers. So, ask your child if he/she has any questions, then use the form at to submit the questions to us. We'll make and post a SK! Ask & Seek video that answers your child's question.
  • SK! West Core Groups. These groups are designed to provide a safe space for kids to connect with other kids. Register at, and we'll place your child in a group that suits his/her interests and availability. Interested in leading a Core Group? Click Here.
  • Weekly Curriculum. We are working hard this year to align our teaching content across all ages. Starting this month, the sermon content, Early Childhood lessons, Elementary lessons and midweek study will now have similar scripture and themes. Use this to your advantage! This is a great way to start spiritual conversations in the car ride home, or while you’re eating lunch or dinner, etc.

If you have any questions, please reach out! Email Becky at .
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