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Student Ministries Look to the Future

Posted by Sarah Bynum on

We recently sat down with Tyler (middle school), John M (high school) and Jeremy (college) and asked them four questions about their ministries and what the future looks like. Check out their responses below!

What is one thing happening in your ministry you're excited about right now?

Tyler: In The Middle right now, we are excited about the leaders, they are doing an amazing job. We are growing because of the leaders that are investing in our students. For example, one of our volunteers is a junior in high school who consistently comes to serve and goes a step further by intentionally supporting students. She goes to their games and invests in their lives.

John: In Catalyst Student Ministries, we are most excited about our student leadership team. They are mostly peer-led. The students take ownership of events and volunteering. This gives validity to student voices within the ministry. One student leader started out as a semi-regular attender. Once we gave her the opportunity to step up, she jumped in with both feet and has taken the team and is leading her peers. It is great to see students flourish!

Jeremy: We are excited about the CYa class at 11:00am on Sunday mornings in Room 222. We have started a 2-year cycle of curriculum to help college and young adult students better understand the Bible and how to read it.

What is one thing you wish the congregation knew more about when it comes to your ministry?

Jeremy:  We wish the congregation and church community knew that there are people at Sherwood Oaks investing in and mentoring college students and young professionals. Through the Life Coach network, we have seen strong mentoring relationships form.

John: We wish the congregation/general church knew that the high school students are not just the church of the future. They are much more. They are the kingdom workers of now and are serving in several areas around the church.

Tyler: I wish the congregation/general church knew how much the youth is being the church right now, not in the future. High school students are serving our jr. high students, which is making the jr. high students excited and want to serve in other areas.

What would Sherwood Oaks look like without your ministry?

John: Without Catalyst Student Ministries, the church would suffer from a lack of young, influential leaders.

Tyler: Without The Middle, the impact on 6-8th grade students would be less.

Jeremy: Through the CYa ministry, college students and young adults have had the opportunity to volunteer, serve in the church, go on mission trips, get involved in small groups, and connect with families in the congregation through the Adopt-A-Student ministry. Without CYa, there would be less involvement from college students and young adults in the church.

How can people get more involved in student ministries?

Tyler: If someone is interested in helping with our ministry, they can contact Tyler Cadwell at . We are always looking for core group leaders and The Middle small group leaders for Sunday mornings.

John: If someone is interested in helping with our ministry, they can contact John Muffler ( ) or Sarah Bynum ( ). Either would love to get coffee and talk about volunteering!

Jeremy: If someone is interested in helping with our ministry, they can contact Jeremy Earle ( ). He would love to grab coffee and talk about their potential involvement!

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