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The Measure of Devotion

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In the May 20 sermons we talked about some great measures that will help you in your faith walk. In case you didn't get a bulletin, here they are!

Christ's influence in my daily walk:

  • What have I done today to be more like Jesus?
  • How am I giving others grace as Christ has me?
  • Who has heard about God's work in my life?

Christ's influence in me at home, work, and play:

  • How have I engaged my family spiritually today?
  • How am I serving and connecting with neighbors?
  • How is my life affecting my everyday environment?

Christ's influence in my community and world:

  • Whom am I mentoring and who is mentoring me?
  • How am I joining God is His work around me?
  • How are my resources furthering God's purpose?

Have questions about these measures? Contact Shawn!

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