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The Wisdom of Solomon

Posted by Nancy Barrow on

1 Kings 3Nancy Barrow

If you could have anything in the world with no strings attached, what would you wish for?  No limits, no judgements, just dream. Now what did you answer?  Was is wealth?  Health?  Unlimited, calorie-free chocolate?  God played a version of this game with young King Solomon in a dream one night.  God asked Solomon what He could give him.  The young and inexperienced Solomon must have been overwhelmed with the responsibility of leading Gods people because he asked for understanding in determining right from wrong.  Considering all the things that Solomon could have requested, God was very pleased with this selfless request, so pleased that he not only granted Solomon wisdom but also riches and power as well. 

Solomon’s first recorded test of wisdom was a tough maternity rights battle that could have come straight from the Jerry Springer show.  Using his God-given wisdom, Solomon was able to identify the rightful mother by threatening the life of the Child.  Out of love for her own baby, the real mother was willing to give up the boy in order to save his life.  Solomon had called her bluff and her maternal instincts surfaced.  The truth was revealed. 

Even with all the wisdom that God blessed him with, Solomon still made questionable choices and had divided loyalties.  But the good news is that God loved Solomon and blessed him generously.  So what did YOU wish for?   God isn’t a Jeanie in a bottle but James says: If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.  Go ahead, ask for it by name!  Wisdom

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