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Unshaken Faith

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All Job wants is his day in court. He boldly summons God to write out an indictment to which Job will gladly answer in court. Even with God as the judge, Job has nothing to fear, for God will vindicate him if he ever gets a hearing. Job accuses Bildad of tipping the scales of justice in favor of God and warns him that God does not need an unfair advantage. Bildad will be rebuked by God for pandering. 13:15 is a classic line of immense faith: “Even if he slays me, I will hope in him;”  

Like our father Abraham, even death will not shake his faith in God. Job does not understand. He is frustrated, tortured and bereft of everything, but he will not quit on God even when it seems like God has quit on him. In pain and protest, Job perseveres! The only way to lose the great race of life is to drop out.

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