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Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

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Why do bad things happen to good people?

Have you ever asked this head shaking question? Perhaps your own difficult circumstances or those of a dear friend or family member prompted this inquiry?

Job was experiencing this dilemma himself. Remember Job, the most influential man in his region, who in one day lost his ten children, lost all his animals and most of his servants. On top of these gut wrenching losses, he was struck with a terrible skin disease. What else could go wrong?

Job chapter 31 contains a monologue of his life that he shares with his friends. He was a man with integrity, he was honest, treated his servants fairly and took care of the poor. Job also went to great length to ensure his purity including the covenant he had made with this eyes to look not look on another woman with lust.   Job is certain he is blameless and could not have brought this misfortune upon himself. Yet his faith was unshaken.

When bad things happen to us that seem senseless and even unfair, we are often unsure how to cope. Good people do not deserve difficult circumstances, right? But God has not promised a trouble free life. Job is a perfect example for us as he fully trusted God and his faith did not waiver during some extreme times of loss. Even when bad things happen God wants our faith to remain strong and steadfast.  

Dear Lord, find us faithful and ever trusting when seemingly bad things are happening. Help us to not get hung up on why but to trust and say like Job, the Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. May the name of the Lord be praised.

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